We’ve got nine amazing new entrepreneurs in our 2022 Fall Equity in Entrepreneurship session, who we’ll be featuring here through January. First up in our Equinent Spotlight: Martika Jones, founder of BŪP®.

I am a 27-year-old entrepreneur who went from an orchestral musician to a tech startup CEO. I wanted to be my own boss and accomplish what others considered impossible. At the age of 12, I set out on a 13-year-long journey as a classically trained trombonist studying under world-renowned musicians and winning several awards. Even though music was my life, I realized I wanted to channel my focus and discipline into other passions: content creation and technology.

After relocating to Tampa in 2018, my husband and I noticed some opportunities in the business networking industry and wanted to help innovate. So, I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey by quitting my 9 to 5 job and attending The University of Tampa where I got my Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. Midway through, I founded and launched our first tech venture and spent the next year learning the ins and outs of the startup world. This ultimately led to our recently launched tech startup, BŪP®.

BŪP® is a digital business card platform that helps professionals, teams, and enterprises network more efficiently and improve their follow-up success rate.

We love the name BŪP® as it is culturally relevant (you “boop” a dog on the nose or make the sound), the long “U” was aesthetically appealing, and it reflected the tapping of our NCF device to smartphones. We also created the slogan “BŪP connects Ū” as we are in the business of connecting others.

We knew BŪP® would be a worthwhile endeavor as it’s a digital business card – a true extension of yourself. People are big on first impressions, so shouldn’t your digital first impression be important as well? Not only that, we found that BŪP® helps build relationships like no other. When you tap someone’s smartphone with BŪP®, it’s opening up a whole new conversation and makes a lasting impression that person will never forget. I can’t tell you how many times our clients say that people remember them as the person that BŪP’d them!

The fact that this provides a more sustainable solution for networking was just the cherry on top.

We Offer:
– Customizable BŪP® digital business card via our platform
– BŪP® Smart Products that attach to your digital business card
– BŪP® Teams/Enterprise packages

We are also expanding into other industries, including pets (BŪP Pets – Coming Soon)!

We are passionate about the way we communicate with each other. It’s something that we take for granted on a daily basis and don’t really think about – it just… happens. We are aiming to revolutionize the way the world communicates through technology. What we’re so proud of is that all of this can be achieved through a sustainable networking solution like BŪP®. A single tap can close your next big deal or bring your fur baby home. And it doesn’t stop there.

We are excited about what the future has in store!

Contact Info:

We’re excited for Ms. Jones and the future of BŪP®, too! For more information, check out the links above, and if you’re looking to Shop Local over the holidays, BŪP® is a good place to start!