This year, we have new ways to support our Equity in Entrepreneurship participants. In addition to our Big Idea Brew Club, which wrapped up its first summer session in July, we also have expanded marketing support via the AMRoC Showcase Kiosk, and small business incubation opportunities in AMRoC Fab Lab’s new, larger facility. We’ll meet Stryke Esports, our first incubated company in a separate post. But right now, we want to introduce you to the amazing Monica Smith, and her company, Sober Roots.

Sober Roots was inspired by Monica’s own experience following chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

“The vision of helping others is what motivates me to grow the business’s brand and is why it is not just about the hair product,” says Monica.

“I started the business after going through my own struggles with my image. While going through chemo, I used my own experience of how I felt after watching my hair fall out to help others.  It affected everything, my motivation, self-esteem, and ability to persevere. I wanted to grow my hair back, but the challenge was finding the right products that would not cause more damage by their ingredients.

“I am truly excited about the product and its outcome. Sober Roots met the demand of helping women become more confident in their image while transitioning into a healthier lifestyle by using better ingredients on their crown.

At our Showcase Kiosk, out in front of AMRoC, Monica will be displaying and selling her Sober Roots Leave In Conditioner. It has organic ingredients, it’s alcohol-free hair care using essential oils in a light cream form to hydrate the hair naturally.

Sober Roots’ natural oils penetrate deep to revive your weary hair without being greasy, explains Monica. “Each deliberate ingredient lends its bountiful properties to promote health, growth, and confidence. Sober Roots Leave-In Conditioner is more than a haircare product. It is your confidence, fully restored, in a 4-ounce bottle.”

Come by the Showcase Kiosk most Fridays and Saturdays in August to meet Monica and try out Sober Roots.

Get in touch via our Contact page if you’d like to learn more about our Equity in Entrepreneurship program, to be part of our next Big Idea Brew Club session, or if have a business you’d like to launch or build. And visit our Showcase page to see all of the fine businesses we’ve worked with so far.