Next up in our Equity in Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Spotlight: Recquel Mack-Randles, excited to be working on making her dream of independent business ownership come true. Here’s Recquel’s story:

Hello! My name is Recquel Mack-Randles. I am a 31-year-old MOMpreneur who has stepped out on faith and begun moving towards opening my own hair salon. California-born and raised, I always had a dream of becoming a hairstylist and being my own boss, making positive waves for myself and those around me. I did not always have the best setup in life. Having been raised in foster care, I was always told I would never be anything. For many years, I believed this and at some point, almost gave up hope. However, after becoming pregnant and being reminded of how strong of a fighter I am, I found Jesus Christ, got saved and the hope that was once lost was found again.

After having my son at the age of 20, I knew I had to provide a better life for him. I knew that if I wanted to see the generational curses broken in our family, I had to step up and make a difference. In 2019, after moving to Florida and becoming homeless with my son I said, “Enough is Enough!” I have to do better than this. That next year in February 2020, I enrolled myself in cosmetology school at Benes Career Academy and have not looked back since.

G+g Salon

“G + g Salon” name was birthed out of a place of huge respect and gratefulness to God in my life. The Big “G” stands for God and the little “g” stands for good. I always tell myself that “I do not want good (again) unless God is in it”. In my life, I’ve had good but that good was lost because I feel like I wasn’t disciplined and focused enough. Now this time, having strong faith, discipline, focus, wisdom, knowledge, and all the many great fruits that comes with being a daughter of God, I am standing strong and pushing forward.

At “G + g Salon”, I want to welcome our clientele to a safe and calm environment to get “beautified” with us! Although I may be a Christian, this does not mean you have to be a Christian to sit in one of my salon chairs or to become a part of the team. No matter the background, race, or season you are in, “G + g Salon”, is welcoming to all. I believe that it is my duty to show love to my neighbors regardless of the differences we may have.

Also, because I am a single MOMpreneur -that is: a single mom and entrepreneur – “G + g Salon”, will be a little extra special. I know there are a lot of single moms around the world today and I am sure like myself, they too have struggled with childcare. During my time as an employed hairstylist and working in various hair salons, one of my biggest issues has always been keeping childcare. The struggle can be real for us working moms because the babysitter will cancel at the worst times, our child can become sick, etc. Things like this have made it hard for me to work and I am sure you have felt these issues too.

At “G + g Salon” I want to help solve this problem. I plan on providing childcare to the hairstylists that want to be a part of the “G + g Salon” family. For all my hair-styling moms, I want to help you so that you no longer have to struggle to choose between being a mom or being a working woman. You get to choose and become both.

We Offer:

  • Affordable prices no matter your income level
  • “G + g Salon” will also provide in-house classes for parents wanting to get better at styling their children’s hair and in-house classes for upcoming/mature stylists looking to grow their skills
  • We are a family-friendly holy welcoming environment
  • Outreach services that will help to give back to the community in amazing ways

I am passionate to provide you, my clientele, with amazing hair appointment services in a peaceful environment. I am passionate to help other singles moms/hairstylists be given a second chance to provide a better life for their families. I am also passionate about helping the community, seeing my family and friends around me living their “blessed” life, and winning, too!

At “G + g Salon” I want to help you look and feel your best on the outside as well as the inside. Proverbs 31:25 reads, “She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”. This is one of my favorite Bible verses that has helped me P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens) forward. My prayer is that after getting styled and slayed at “G + g Salon”, we will help you to look and feel amazingly gorgeous every time!

I want to help you to unlock your God-given potential inside and to remind you to keep pushing forward. It is my pleasure to help you “love your crown” again, provide opportunities to single hairstyling moms, give back to the community and all the many opportunities that the future has in store for “G + g Salon”. Thank you and God bless!

Contact Information:
By Email:
By Phone: (470) 839-1658

You can learn more about Recquel and her journey to build G+g Salon during her 1 Million Cups Tampa presentation on Wednesday, January 18, at 9am at the Hillsborough County Entrepreneur Collaborative Center, or watch remotely via 1 Million Cups Tampa Facebook Live.